Some Basic Information

Toby Larocque

Toby Larocque is proud to be the owner of several businesses. With a strong background in Economics, Toby Larocque is capable of taking any business to the next level. Being a VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore, he enjoys his position in the corporate world.

Some Adventure

Toby Larocque, at age 38 still manages to get out on the water weekly during the season for wake boarding and as often as possible for sport fishing. Living in Utah, there are plenty of lakes to hit on a regular basis. Lake Powell, seems to be something special for him and his family.

Toby larocque
Toby Larocque

When it comes to business the personal goals and growth of Mr. Toby Larocque continues. He has embarked upon another business venture that is currently undisclosed, yet taking much of his time. NebuCore, Inc will be announcing their new office opening in India October of 2016 which Mr. Toby Larocque is proud to be a part of the initial setup and operations. As the CFO, Toby Larocque continues to pursue growth and expansion for NebuCore and their customers as well as provide quality service for the platforms growth.

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Ok, its time to get the blog rocking and rolling.  The plan for this one is to do some testing, get up some images, show some life activities, and basically just have a spot for people to put some information and for anyone else to check it out.  NebuCore and Mag Bay updates other than maybe some cool images won’t make it here, check the actual sites for those, but for me Toby Laroque, I’ll get the rest of the boring stuff here.