Toby Larocque, as a Businessman

Toby Larocque, owner of MagBay Lures previously VP Operations at NebuCore.  He has completed his graduation with specialization in the field of Business Economics field from the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2000.

Toby Larocque1
Toby Larocque

Toby Larocque holds a special love for businesses and the value that it provides to the community and world.  For the reason of self flexibility he wanted to become an entrepreneur, and like many entrepreneurs the realization of how business helps bring people life and happiness all over the world is what made him continue. In his career  he has helped many businesses to achieve success.  Mr Larocque has founded several businesses including PV Marlin Targeting Advertising Solutions, LLC, Killer Filter, Inc and others. When it comes to his hobbies, he enjoys traveling, sport-fishing and wake-boarding. Apart from serving as owner of MagBay Lures Mr. Larocque assists for hobbies in two independent charter operations for deep sea fishing in the Magdalena Bay area out of Mexico. After achieving that much of success in several businesses, Toby Larocque still continues with new creative ideas to reach into new markets.

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What to Know About

Mr. Toby Larocque has a great passion for entrepreneurship and it’s proved by the fact that he had started more than 9 organizations in the last 15 years. Some of them were closed down, some of them were sold, and some run today.

At present, Mr. Larocque is working as a VP, Director of Operations at NebuCore, Inc out of San Diego. It is a leading company that provides first-rate and cost effective eCommerece solutions to businesses, across the globe. 

After succeeding in the corporate world in the U.S., Toby Larocque and NebuCore have opened offices in Indian as of October of 2016. Mr. Larocque took pride in being a part of the initial setup and operation. Since one goal of Mr. Larocque is to take any business to the next level of success, he continues to pursue the growth and expansion for NebuCore in hopes of making a company that can really make a difference and create jobs.

Toby larocque
Toby Larocque

At age of 38 with various business related activities to handle, Mr. Toby Larocque still manages to find time to make the most of wake-boarding and other water sports. Also, he never misses an opportunity to enjoy sport fishing. They say ‘America is run by the people who come up with new products, technologies, ideas & innovations.’ And they’re right. The passion of such individuals support the growth for the future. Mr. Toby Larocque is an example, and enjoys being a part of the driving force that helps employment to many people, around the world.

Some Basic Information

Toby Larocque

Toby Larocque is proud to be the owner of several businesses. With a strong background in Economics, Toby Larocque is capable of taking any business to the next level. Being a VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore, he enjoys his position in the corporate world.

Some Adventure

Toby Larocque, at age 38 still manages to get out on the water weekly during the season for wake boarding and as often as possible for sport fishing. Living in Utah, there are plenty of lakes to hit on a regular basis. Lake Powell, seems to be something special for him and his family.

Toby larocque
Toby Larocque

When it comes to business the personal goals and growth of Mr. Toby Larocque continues. He has embarked upon another business venture that is currently undisclosed, yet taking much of his time. NebuCore, Inc will be announcing their new office opening in India October of 2016 which Mr. Toby Larocque is proud to be a part of the initial setup and operations. As the CFO, Toby Larocque continues to pursue growth and expansion for NebuCore and their customers as well as provide quality service for the platforms growth.

Toby Larocque: A Successful Entrepreneur

Toby Larocque is an entrepreneur, who is presently working as VP Operations at NebuCore, a cloud-based business management software company. His education entails distinction from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in the year 2000. After completing his graduation, Toby Larocque joined an accounting firm and worked there for some time before he was driven absolutely mad…. thats a joke. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and at a young age actually acted on it.  He opened a high end furniture store in Santa Barbara, CA. To make it a success, he along with his partner traveled to Indonesia to import high quality products. He ran the business for few years and after that it has to be closed down due to the downfall in the economy and errors in some business decisions.

toby l
Toby Larocque

Toby Larocque didn’t seem affected with the closure of Firefly Imports and jumped to the next venture whichj was a fishing charter operation out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. His deep interest in internet marketing and web development, used to bring clients to Mexico, made him think to start another company called Targeted Advertising Solutions, LLC. It was a company whose prime business was to help other growing companies create functional web applications and market those to their customer base. Later on, this company became a success, which inspired Toby Larocque to jump into the eCommerce field, where he started an online business called Killer Filter, Inc., which deals in industrial filtration products. Killer Filter also became a success and later on, it was sold to some other group.

After that, Toby Larocque created NebuCore, which was designed on the same platform that was used for Killer Filter. At the present time, Mr. Laroque works at NebuCore and in addition to that, he also owns two independent charter operations for deep sea fishing in Mexico.

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